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The International Productivity Monitor has an International Advisory Committee (IAC) composed of prominent productivity researchers to provide advice related to the operations and editorial decisions of the journal. The opinions and views expressed in the Monitor are not necessarily those of the institutions with which members of the International Advisory Committee are affiliated.

Current Membership of the International Advisory Committee
Dan Andrews     OECD
Martin N. Baily     Brookings Institution
Nicholas Bloom     Stanford University
Paul Conway     Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Gilbert Cette     NEOMA Business School
Erwin Diewert     University of British Columbia
Lucy Eldridge     U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
John Fernald     INSEAD and Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Dennis Fixler     U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Kevin Fox     University of New South Wales
Barbara Fraumeni     Central University for Economics and Finance
Robert J. Gordon     Northwestern University
Jonathan Haskel     Imperial College
Robert Inklaar     University of Groningen
Lawrence Jeffrey Johnson     International Labour Organization
Catherine Mann     Brandeis University and the Bank of England
Megan MacGarvie     Boston University
Josh Martin     Bank of England
Giuseppe Nicoletti     Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali
Pascal Petit     Université Paris-Nord
Marshall Reinsdorf     International Monetary Fund, retired
Rebecca Riley     UK Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE)
Paul Schreyer     OECD
Daniel Sichel     Wellesley College
Anna Stansbury     MIT
Chad Syverson     University of Chicago
Anthony Venables     University of Manchester and The Productivity Institute
Ilya Voskoboynikov     Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Edward Wolff     New York University
Harry Wu     Peking University


Emeritus Membership of the International Advisory Committee
Ernie Berndt     MIT
Larry Mishel     Economic Policy Institute


The committee meets once a year in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. The most recent meeting took place on January 3, 2020 in San Diego. At this meeting, IAC member Dale Jorgenson was presented with a festschrift in honour of his many contributions to the productivity field. Photos of the event can be browsed below.


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