International Productivity Monitor, Number 18

International Productivity Monitor
Number 18, Spring 2009


Editor’s Overview 
Serge Coulombe and Jean-François Tremblay
Education, Productivity and Economic Growth: A Selective Review of the Evidence 
Andrew Sharpe and Jean-Francois Arsenault
New Estimates of Multifactor Productivity Growth for the Canadian Provinces 
New Provincial Productivity Database
Anders Isaksson
The UNIDO World Productivity Database: An Overview 
Symposium on the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel Report on Business Innovation in Canada
Peter Nicholson
Innovation and Business Strategy: Why Canada Falls Short 
Richard Hawkins
Is Canada Really All That Bad At Innovation?: A Tale of Two Industries 
Jorge Niosi
Bridging Canadian Technology SMEs Over the Valley of Death 
Ian A. Stewart
Some Reflections on the Expert Panel Report on Business Innovation in Canada 

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