International Productivity Monitor, Number 28

International Productivity Monitor
Number 28, Spring 2015


Table of Contents 

Editor’s Overview 
Marshall Reinsdorf
Measuring Industry Contributions to Labour Productivity Change: A New Formula in a Chained Fisher Index Framework 
Matthew Calver
Closing the Aboriginal Education Gap in Canada: The Impact on Employment, GDP, and Labour Productivity 
Mathieu Dufour and Ellen Russell
Why Isn't Productivity More Popular? A Bargaining Power Approach to the Pay/Productivity Linkage in Canada 
Jianmin Tang
Employment and Productivity: Exploring the Trade-off 
Gilbert Cette, Christian Clerc and Lea Bresson
Contribution of ICT Diffusion to Labour Productivity Growth: The United States, Canada, the Eurozone, and the United Kingdom, 1970-2013 

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