International Productivity Monitor, Number 30

International Productivity Monitor
Number 30, Spring 2016


Table of Contents 

Editor’s Overview 
Nadim Ahmad and Paul Schreyer
Are GDP and Productivity Measures Up to the Challenges of the Digital Economy? 
José Ernesto López Córdova and Juan Rebolledo Márquez Padilla
Productivity in Mexico: Trends, Drivers, and Institutional Framework 
Evan Capeluck
A Comparison of Productivity Developments in Canada and Australia: Lessons for Canada 
V. Eldon Ball, Richard Nehring and Sun Ling Wang
Productivity Growth in U.S. Agriculture: 1948-2013 
James Uguccioni
Estimating Total Factor Productivity Growth: Canadian Freight Railways, 1986 to 2009 
Online Appendix Tables 
Andrew Sharpe
Productivity to the Rescue: Review Article on the McKinsey Global Institute Report Global Growth: Can Productivity Save the Day in an Aging World? 
Jonathan Haskel
Do Poor Countries Catch Up to Rich Countries? Review Article on Productivity Convergence: Theory and Evidence by Edward Wolff 
Don Drummond
New and Promising Ideas in the Productivity Field: Review Article on Think Like an Enterprise: Why Nations Need Comprehensive Productivity Strategies by Robert Atkinson 

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