International Productivity Monitor, Number 31

International Productivity Monitor
Number 31, Fall 2016


Table of Contents 

Editor’s Overview 
Bart van Ark
The Productivity Paradox of the New Digital Economy 
John R. Baldwin and Michael Willox
The Industry Origins of Canada's Weaker Labour Productivity Performance and the Role of Structural Adjustment in the Post-2000 Period 
James Uguccioni
Explaining the Gap between Productivity and Median Wage Growth in Canada, 1976-2014 
Symposium on The Rise and Fall of American Growth
       Daniel Sichel
       Two Books for the Price of One: Review Article on The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Robert J.        Gordon 
       Robert J. Gordon
       Comments on Daniel Sichelís Review Article on The Rise and Fall of American Growth 
Symposium on Total Factor Productivity
       Nicholas Oulton
       The Mystery of TFP 
       Appendix Tables and Charts 
       Matthew Calver and Alexander Murray
       Decomposing Multifactor Productivity Growth in Canada by Industry and Province, 1997-2014 
       Alexander Murray
       Partial versus Total Factor Productivity Measures: An Assessment of their Strengths and Weaknesses 

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