International Productivity Monitor, Number 38

International Productivity Monitor

Number 38, Spring 2020



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe
Editor's Overview 
Conal Smith
Trust and Total Factor Productivity: What Do We Know About Effect Size and Causal Pathways? 
Christian Osterhold and Ana Fontoura Gouveia
Productivity, Zombie Firms and Exit Barriers in Portugal 
Symposium on Sources of the Transatlantic Productivity Slowdown
Robert J. Gordon and Hassan Sayed
Transatlantic Technologies: The Role of ICT in the Evolution of U.S. and European Productivity Growth 

Data Appendix 

Martin Neil Baily, Barry P. Bosworth and Siddhi Doshi
Lessons from Productivity Comparisons of Germany, Japan, and the United States 

Data Appendix 

This IPM article was mentioned in an article by the BBN Times.

John Fernald and Robert Inklaar
Does Disappointing European Productivity Growth Reflect a Slowing Trend? Weighing the Evidence and Assessing the Future 

Data Appendix 

Don Drummond
The World Bank Perspective on Productivity: A Review Article on Productivity Revisited: Shifting Paradigms in Analysis and Policy 
Mary O'Mahony
Measuring Performance and Accountability in Higher Education: A Review Article on Productivity in Higher Education 

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