International Productivity Monitor, Number 1

International Productivity Monitor
Observateur international de la productivité

Number 1, Fall 2000


Editor's Overview 
Andrew Sharpe and Leila Gharani
The New Economy and Trend Productivity Growth in Canada 
Unabridged version 
Andrew Sharpe
The Productivity Renaissance in the U.S. Service Sector 
Unabridged version 
Raynald Létourneau and Martine Lajoie
A Regional Perspective on the Canada-US Standard of Living Comparison 
Unabridged version 
Edward N. Wolff
Productivity Convergence among OECD Countries: The Postwar Experience 
Jeffrey I. Bernstein
Price Cap Regulation and Productivity Growth 
Symposium on Total Factor Productivity
Richard G. Lipsey and Kenneth Carlaw
What Does Total Factor Productivity Measure? 
Unabridged version 
Timothy C. Sargent and Edgard R. Rodriguez
Labour or Total Factor Productivity: Do We Need to Choose? 
Unabridged version 
Erwin Diewert
The Challenge of Total Factor Productivity Measurement 
Unabridged version 

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