International Productivity Monitor, Number 21

International Productivity Monitor
Number 21, Spring 2011


Editor’s Overview 
Marcel P. Timmer, Robert Inklaar, Mary O'Mahony, and Bart van Ark
Productivity and Economic Growth in Europe: A Comparative Industry Perspective 
Kelvin Chan, Jianmin Tang, and Wulong Gu
Industry Mix, Plant Turnover and Productivity Growth: A Case Study of the Transportation Equipment Industry in Canada 
Ricardo de Avillez and Christopher Ross
A Portrait of the Productivity Performance of the Canadian Provinces, 1997-2007 
The appendix mentioned in the article is available here.
Someshwar Rao
Insights from Latin America for Canada: A Review Article on The Age of Productivity: Transforming Economies from the Bottom Up 
Andrew Sharpe
Is Ageing a Drag on Productivity Growth? A Review Article on Ageing, Health and Productivity: The Economics of Increased Life Expectancy 
The appendix mentionned in the article is available here.

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