International Productivity Monitor, Number 23

International Productivity Monitor
Number 23, Spring 2012


Editor’s Overview 
Marcel Côté and Roger Miller
Stimulating Innovation: Is Canada Pursuing the Right Policies? 
Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
The Effects of Computer Technologies on the Canadian Economy: Evidence from New Direct Measures 
Lawrence Mishel and Kar-Fai Gee
Why Aren't Workers Benefiting From Labour Productivity Growth in the United States? 
Appendix tables for this article can be found here in PDF format and here in Excel format.
Renaud Bourlès, Gilbert Cette, and Anastasia Cozarenco
Employment and Productivity: Disentangling Employment Structure and Qualification Effects 
Aled ab Iorwerth
To Capture Production or Well-being? A Review Article on Towards Measuring the Volume Output of Education and Health Services: A Handbook 

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