International Productivity Monitor, Number 25

International Productivity Monitor
Number 25, Spring 2013


Editor’s Overview 
Martin Neil Baily, James Manyika, and Shalabh Gupta
U.S. Productivity Growth: An Optimistic Perspective 
Robert J. Gordon
U.S. Productivity Growth: The Slowdown Has Returned After a Temporary Revival 
David M. Byrne, Stephen D. Oliner, and Daniel E. Sichel
Is the Information Technology Revolution Over? 
A Data Appendix for this article can be found here.
Chad Syverson
Will History Repeat Itself? Comments on "Is the Information Technology Revolution Over?" 
Andrea De Michelis, Marcello Estev„o, and Beth Anne Wilson
Productivity or Employment: Is It a Choice? 
Barbara M. Fraumeni
Comments on "Productivity or Employment: Is It a Choice?" 
Bart van Ark, Vivian Chen, and Kirsten Jager
European Productivity Growth Since 2000 and Future Prospects 
Pascal Petit
Comments on "European Productivity Growth Since 2000 and Future Prospects"" 

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