International Productivity Monitor, Number 35

International Productivity Monitor

Number 35, Fall 2018



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe
Editor's Overview 
Richard Schmalensee
Puzzles and Surprises in Employment and Productivity in U.S. Manufacturing After the Great Recession 
Jaana Remes, Jan Mischke and Mekala Krishnan
Solving the Productivity Puzzle: The Role of Demand and the Promise of Digitization 
Symposium on Explaining Slower Productivity Growth in Canada
Andrew Sharpe and John Tsang
The Stylized Facts about Slower Productivity Growth in Canada 


Wulong Gu and Michael Willox
Productivity Growth in Canada and the United States: Recent Industry Trends and Potential Explanations 


Jeff Mollins and Pierre St-Amant
The Productivity Slowdown in Canada: an ICT Phenomenon? 


Michelle Alexopoulos and Jon Cohen
Canadian Productivity Growth, Secular Stagnation, and Technological Change  


What Do We Know about the Global Productivity Slowdown?
John Fernald
Is Slow Productivity and Output Growth in Advanced Economies the New Normal?  
Kevin Fox
What Do We Know About the Productivity Slowdown? Evidence from Australian Industry Data 

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