International Productivity Monitor, Number 37

International Productivity Monitor

Number 37, Fall 2019



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe
Editor's Overview 
Robert J. Gordon and Hassan Sayed
The Industry Anatomy of the Transatlantic Productivity Growth Slowdown: Europe Chasing the American Frontier 


Peter Gal, Giuseppe Nicoletti, Christina von Rüden, Stéphane Sorbe and Théodore Renault
Digitalization and Productivity: In Search of the Holy Grail - Firm-level Empirical Evidence from European Countries 


Myeongwan Kim
Does Import Competition Reduce Domestic Innovation and Productivity? Evidence from the China Shock and Firm-level Data on Canadian Manufacturing 
Wulong Gu
Frontier Firms, Productivity Dispersion and Aggregate Productivity Growth in Canada 
Jianmin Tang and Weimin Wang
Is R&D Enough to Improve Firm Productivity? 
Bert M. Balk
Consistency Issues in the Construction of Annual and Quarterly Productivity Indices 
Marshall Reinsdorf
The State of Productivity Research: The Oxford Handbook of Productivity Analysis: A Review Article  

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