International Productivity Monitor, Number 38

International Productivity Monitor

Number 39, Fall 2020



Table of Contents 

Andrew Sharpe
Editor's Overview 
Bart van Ark and Anthony J. Venables
A Concerted Effort at Tackling the UK Productivity Puzzle 
Joel Blit, Mikal Skuterud and Michael R. Veall
The Pandemic and Short-Run Changes in Output, Hours Worked and Labour Productivity: Canadian Evidence by Industry 
Jianmin Tang and Weimin Wang
Industry Productivity Performance in G7 Countries after the Global Financial Crisis: A Canadian Perspective 
Daniel Lind
A Vertically Integrated Perspective on Nordic Manufacturing Productivity 
Gilbert Cette
What Do We Know About Economic and Productivity Growth? A Review Article on Measuring Economic Growth and Productivity: Foundations, KLEMS Production Models, and Extensions 
Eric Santor
The Impact of Digitalization on the Economy: A Review Article of the NBER Volume "Economics of Artificial Intelligence: An Agenda" 

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